The engineering department of Silos Córdoba has redesigned the transition ring of hopper silos, models 9,17 and 10,70, to make the silo assembly easier.

The increasingly demanding Workplace Safety Standards and, in particular, the Working at Height Regulations, make the silo assembly more and more expensive, thus becoming an increasingly important factor, which is taken into account when installing a silo.

With the aim to make the assembly work of hopper silos easier, we have redesigned the transition rings of models 9,17 and 10,70. The new design allows complete, safe assembly of the wall rings and the first section of the cone on the ground.

This leads to a significant reduction in the assembly time as a result of the considerable saving in Work at Height and crane hours.

Advantages of the hopper silo redesign:


  • Reduced assembly time
  • Greater safety during assembly works
  • The geometry of the transition ring is maintained

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