Until now, our TSB01 and TSB02 sweep auger models allowed a performance of up to 70 T/h discharge of the flat bottom silos. With the new TSB03 model we extend our range with yields up to 180 T/h.

Our TSB sweep augers are used to discharge the residual piles of cereal of the flat-bottom silos after gravity discharge, enabling the complete emptying of the silo without the need of human intervention.

The TSB sweep auger has been specially designed for products with a good gravitational flow and an incline of the piles less than 45º (wheat, corn, barley, seeds, granules, etc.). It adapts to all of our silo diameters (from 7.64 m to 32.08 m) and can be complemented with accessories that enhance emptying by eliminating all existing residue between the sweep auger and the ground.

The galvanised steel S350GD construction with Z600 coating, the mechanical simplicity and the quality of the components make our range of sweep augers highly reliable, efficient and robust, enabling daily use throughout the year.

Our sweep augers comply with the ATEX standards required for work inside a silo.

Learn more about our sweepers by clicking here: TSB Sweep Auger

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