The new enclosed belt conveyor is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and clearly differentiating designs carried out by Silos Córdoba’s Research and Development Department in recent months.

The enclosed belt conveyor, which is part of the heavy machinery range, is able to operate 24 hours a day and has been specially designed for grain conveying.

This is a very innovative machine in Europe. It provides high reliability, robustness and a very advanced cleaning system, because of the enclosed conveying chain through which the grains move. This new type of machine outperforms other similar machines in the market, since it uses less energy and requires less maintenance, which makes it much more competitive than the overall machinery in the market.

Along with this innovation, we are working on a new stationary technology that allows this machine to evacuate the raw material at intermediate points of its route. This innovation will provide greater versatility to the belt conveyor recently designed. The technological level and quality of this machine is highly recognized worldwide.

The development team has worked for a year and a half to design these machines that are already being manufactured in the modern facilities located at Cordoba’s Technology Park Rabanales 21.

With this design, the company keeps on proving its commitment to the development of its heavy duty conveying machinery range.

Discover all the details of the new enclosed belt conveyor by clicking here: Enclosed Belt Conveyors

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