Silos Córdoba is introducing new models of farm silos with improved access to the loading and unloading outlets, which is much more convenient and safe, and packed in individual boxes to facilitate their transport anywhere in the world.

The new farm silos design responds to the market demands for increasingly easy to transport and assemble products and safer access structures, priorities that Silos Córdoba has always had in mind in the design of its products.

Among the main features offered by the new models of farm silos we can highlight:

A new cone that guarantees perfect emptying.

67º cone in models 2.55 and 2.80 that guarantees perfect emptying with creases to stiffen it and prevent deformations when voids are formed.

Vertical stitching in a row for easier assembly.

A vertical seam in a single row makes assembly significantly easier, since assemblers do not have to go in a zigzag when tightening the screws.

Comfortable, much safer top access.

A comfortable horizontal platform for safer access to top for inspections or maintenance work in the loading outlet.

Free access to the unloading outlet to facilitate the installation of additional machinery or accessories.

All the braces are located above the unloading outlet, thus facilitating the installation of the handling equipment or any other accessory.

Top lid operated by rigid rods to easily open and close from the safety of the ground and prevent the wind blowing the lid open. (AS STANDARD).

All our farm silos are now supplied with a top lid operated by rigid rods at no additional cost. This system allows opening, closing and sealing the top lid from the safety of the ground while preventing the wind from blowing the lid open.

New packing in wooden boxes for easy handling and transport (OPTIONAL).

Optionally, some models of our farm silos can be packed in individual boxes, which are optimized to adapt to the dimensions of standard containers, thus facilitating the handling of the material and its transport anywhere in the world. The new packing in boxes is optional, we will keep the traditional option.

All these developments in the design of the farm silos that we are introducing in the market add to other improvements previously launched, such as:


Ladder placed with the proper depth for safe access.


An angled step with anti-slip texture for a secure grip and to avoid typical slips occurring with traditional tubing.

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