We present WinMill, the software for manufacturing control and management of feed factories developed by Silos Córdoba that integrates the plant automation system with its traceability and management into a single platform.

The software manages the production process and has been developed under Siemens technology to ensure proper integration with the PLCs present in the installation and the different remote stations.

The main operations controlled during factory automation are:

  • Real-time visualization. Our synoptic for real-time data display of the state of all machinery and sensors in the facility, as well as data about the state of the production process and about the scales, receipt and despatch.
  • Silo filling with raw materials, additives, liquids or warehouse replenishment of received orders.
  • Material dosing on scales with regulated speed.
  • Continuous grinding management.
  • Finished product transportation to storage silos according to manufacturing orders.
  • Unloading the finished product from silos according to shipping orders.
  • Alarm history log.
  • Possibility to control the plant manually.
  • Configuration of operating parameters of machinery.
  • User administration system.

The software manages the general and detailed traceability, allowing the process and control of the supply chain, from reception of raw material to shipment to customers, through all the intermediate processes.

The main operations of this phase are:

  • Material management, stock control.
  • Management of manufacturing recipes.
  • Organisation of production.
  • Dated reports of manufacturing orders, receipt and dispatch.
  • Calculation of material availability.
  • Control of silos, reports and incidents.
  • Warehouse control, that is, materials that do not have assigned silos.
  • Generation of production reports, with consumption calculation, date and time.
  • Real time summaries of products manufactured and in stock.
  • Recording data of customers, suppliers and veterinarians.

WinMill arises from the need of our customers to have a unique platform to manage automation, traceability and plant management. The solution has been the development of software for the control of industrial food processes that connects each step of the supply chain to be able to carry out traceability and monitoring in real time, ensuring efficient delivery and quality of the product. The processing and analysis of the data determines the most profitable actions to take.

More information: WinMill: Advanced system for the control of feed mill plants

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