We’re presenting a new range of slide gates specially designed for the industrial range of grain conveyors, which allow different configurations depending on the facility requirements.

The new slide gates allow a quick-opening, an easy installation, and have been designed to avoid any leakage or accumulation of debris.

They feature an opening and closing control system controlled by sensors and a safety opening system. They also include a cleaning brush that removes the grain residues remaining in the chain to avoid mixing different products if there are any.

recycling bucket can be installed as an option to guarantee the collection of product from the bottom.

Also, the trap door opening and the entire surface that is in contact with the chain conveyor is protected with HDPE anti-wear material which is fully replaceable upon deterioration.

The range includes standard slides, which can be manual, motorized or pneumatic, longitudinal slides in manual or motorized version and motorized discharge gates with an innovative design that allows space saving in the catwalks thanks to its compact design.

We invite you to discover the new range of slide gages by clicking here: Slide gates for TCI

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