We proudly present our new models of industrial bucket elevators with yields from 250 to 350 T/h, which incorporate all the upgrades that have been made to our industrial range of elevators in recent years. On the other hand, its design borders between our heavy-duty and industrial ranges, since it incorporates some heavy-duty features for reliable operation in severe conditions.

The launch of the new ECI 250, ECI 300 and ECI 350 models designed by our product development department widen our range of ECI bucket elevators launched in 2014 by covering capacities from 40 to 350 T/h.

The main improvements included with these new models of bucket elevators are:


The reaction arm, which has been designed and manufactured by Silos Córdoba, is welded and hot dip galvanized, and is mounted on silentblock to absorb vibrations and shocks of mechanical components.


When designing these new models, we opted to include the non-return system inside the gearmotor, since it was the most convenient and reliable option according to their dimensions.


Comfortable and safe access to the exit hopper area for easy maintenance. This platform is installed whenever there is a distributor at the exit chute of the elevator.


The body section features its own ladder, which allows said section to be installed at any height in the elevator and overcome changes in levels in cases where the elevator is in a pit.

We invite you to discover the full range of industrial bucket elevators by clicking here!

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