Silos Córdoba has developed WinGrain, an advanced control system for grain facilities, 100% integrated with the specifications of our machinery line, that covers the whole process: from grain reception to conditioning and unloading.

WinGrain features a user-friendly and carefully designed interface so that it may be used by employees quickly and easily all while offering all the necessary information for proper plant management.

It is a multi-language, multi-user system where all the parameters may be configured for proper adaptation to any needs that may arise.

The main screen offers total plant operations control based on a complete grain flow vision and allowing individual analyses of each one of the machines present in the facility. The system allows three types of facility control: automatic, manual or semi-automatic.

Following many years of experience, an ideal automation level has been achieved to get the best out of our facilities, preventing failures and achieving a proper machine start and stop sequence.

At Silos Córdoba we are aware of the concern of machine sequencing to transport grain from one location to another within the facility, so we have put all of our efforts into finding a solution by developing a fully interactive route selection system where the operator just has to press a point on the plant diagram to be the origin and a point to be the destination while the software does all the work to find the best route.

The new software is optimized for the features of our machinery and there is an individual equipment configuration screen for fine tuning during system commissioning. All the parameters in each machine may be configured from this configuration screen.

The basic SC Control package includes an alarm window where a color-coded log can be checked with all of the alarms and warnings that have gone off for the system.

Apart from the basic SC Control package, there’s a possibility to expand the system capacities with several optional modules: Local Control, Electric Magnitude Control, Continuous Storage Level and SIWA.

See more information about the WinGrain advanced control system for grain storage facilities: WinGrain

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