The Rice Market & Technology Convention is an annual event which provides an unprecedented program full of world-class economists, scientists, and other industry members.  In addition, RMTC hosts breakout sessions, workshops, and other case studies, in which all conference delegates will have a chance to engage in conversation with these world-renowned experts.

The purpose of the Rice Market & Technology Convention is to bring members together from throughout the rice industry in order to help better farming practices, to increase rice consumption and to promote overall rice trade in the Western Hemisphere. The convention meets this goal by providing cutting edge technology to the grower and miller while offering the importer/exporter pertinent, up to date information concerning the market.

The convention caters to an extended audience by containing a variety of topics in its agenda. However, a large part of the agenda revolves around, climate, global rice consumption patterns, seed varieties, equipment; along with other topics that tend to attract a high number of producers and millers.

Since trade is also a priority to the industry, the RMTC agenda also includes some of the hemisphere’s best market analysts which equip the trader and importer/exporter with vital information needed to be successful.

RMTC 2019 will be held at the Marriott – New Orleans, Louisiana. Join the largest and most diverse gathering of rice industry professionals in the western hemisphere, June 5 – 7, for the opportunity to network, learn and get a taste of that New Orleans flavor!

Gustavo Moreno, Latin America Sales Manager, will be attending this important event to exchange impressions about this important cereal with other members of the productive chain.

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