The objective of these new awards is to motivate and recognize the work of the Iberian pork sector, creating a common platform for sharing information and visualizing the current market trends, scale and scope of the sector.

We have sponsored this first edition of the Iberian Porc d’Or Awards, in our efforts to contribute to the development of such a significant market for the Spanish economy.

The emblematic city of Zafra, in Badajoz has been chosen to host the first awards ceremony due to its established livestock tradition and culture.

The Porc d’Or Awards are open to any type of breeding farm, regardless of their size or production system and have three main objectives. Firstly, motivating and recognizing the work of livestock producers. Secondly, fostering competitiveness by sharing information and thirdly, raising awareness of the Iberian porc sector to the public.

Prizes have been awarded across the country, which shows the degree of professionalism of the Spanish Iberian pork sector in general.

Most notably, there has been a constant improvement in results and technical efficiency in Spanish Iberian pig farms, indicating that pig breeders are becoming more professional, with the introduction of more efficient techniques, genetic improvements, accurate management and health controls.

Gandaria sponsors Iberian Porc dor Awards

Gandaria’s Manager delivering the Gold Prize

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