The Spanish Association of Manufacturers-Exporters of Agricultural Machinery (AGRAGEX) will analyse the sector needs with a Road Show tour that will be stopping at Silos Córdoba on July 9.

AGRAGEX will hold its annual round of meetings with their associated companies in July. Five meetings are scheduled in different cities of Spain, where they will analyse the sector needs and draw up the foreign promotion annual plan of the Spanish agricultural equipment industry.

The Road Show 2020 tour will begin at the facilities of RKD Irrigación, in Valladolid on July 8; will be stopping at the Silos Córdoba factory (Córdoba) on July 9; at the Econex factory in Siscar (Murcia) on July 10; at the ITC Dosing Pumps facilities in Barcelona on July 11; and will end at the Goizper plant in Antzuola (Guipúzcoa) on July 15.

“The aim is making it easy for companies to actively participate in elaborating the 2020 Agraex’s action plan”, indicates Jaime Hernani, AGRAGEX director. “That is why the tour stops in the largest number of Spainish cities in the shortest possible time. The more partners are present at these meetings, the more fruitful the meetings will be.”

The meeting in Córdoba will be joined by Agricola Noli, Moresil, Saleplas, Trefilado Urbano, SPS and Textil de la Rabita.

Instability in foreign markets sets the agenda.

“More and more instability, more inconsistency and less common sense”, in the words of Hernani, define the external panorama in which exporters of agricultural machinery have to develop their activity. AGRAGEX’s Road Show 2020 will address the particular issues of each target market for members in the Association with the aim of designing the best possible agenda for next year.

In September, AGRAGEX will organise a commercial mission in Sudan. As the director of the Association points out, it is “a country immersed in a serious political situation but with enormous agricultural potential that intends to feed Saudi Arabia, at lest in part.” Also, a delegation of AGRAGEX intends to go to Iran and Qatar in October. “Will we be able to make it? We will try, but the scenario is not promising.” The same doubts arise with regards to the visit to Turkey, Venezuela or Ukraine.

“The world is going through hard times at the moment, but AGRAGEX cannot stop because the planet needs to be fed,” concludes Jaime Hernani.

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