Livestock facilities

Design and construction of livestock facilities.

We design and engineer all types of livestock facilities, offering a fully integrated complete service.

We make available all equipment necessary for your premises’ interior, installing temperature and environmental control systemsWe provide and install all equipment accurately for your livestock’s raising and upkeep.

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  • We conduct a complete individualized study in order to develop a thorough understanding of your needs.
  • We manufacture and install galvanized steel premises with corrugated roofs and interior PVC panels.
  • We offer various anti-corrosion systems and finishes such as PVC fabric Windows, aluminium, and polyester.
  • We commit ourself to finding the best solution in order to achieve a maximum level of transparency and lighting: rectangular construction and metallic structures located at the entrance foundation as well as insulated metallic pile driven shafts via rectangular girders.
  • We use the most suitable high quality materials. We utilize S355 conformed corrugated sheets in pillars as well as girders and belts.
  • Our engineering department provides all technical support necessary for the task.
  • Our products conform to all prevailing regulations. We follow EA-95 norms for steel structures and EHE-98 norms for concrete elements.


Livestock facility characteristics:

Modular system metallic structure.
  • Piece assembly with high quality 8.8 fastener
  • High elastic limit S355 galvanized steel manufacturing
  • Galvanized Z600 sheeting.


Vertical roofs and enclosure walls.
  • Heat-insulating sandwich style panels with variable thickness.
  • Polyester sheeting for the inside panel surface in order to avoid oxidation and condensation.
  • 0.6 mm thick pre-lacquered external sheeting with a variety of colour options


Three layered guillotine style window banners.
  • Side placement using jacking screws.
  • Guaranteed ventilation.
  • Availability of two other window types: lacquered aluminium and polycarbonate cell guillotine or small size (0.4 x 0.5) actuated via motorized fastener.


Main door – 3 m wide and 2.5 m high sliding door.
  • Pre-lacquered and tubular stiffeners in a variety of colours.
  • Gate with 0.95 x 1.95 m power tilt door.
  • Second rear door faceplate
  • Two 1 x 1.95 m hinged doors in the central points on the sides.

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