Hopper Silos

Silo used for the storage of delicate products

Hopper silos are designed for the storage of grains (cereals, seeds, legumes, industrial products and other products) that require special storage conditions. The product inside the silo is isolated from the ground, thereby preventing humidity and also allowing the interconnection of silos through tapes, facilitating perfect extraction or dosage.

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  • Silos manufactured with galvanized steel S350GD of high elastic tolerance and with Z600 minimum coating equivalent to 600 g/m2 of zinc.
  • 8,8 quality dichromate high tensile bolts in all of our product range.
  • Washers with neoprene to ensure a waterproof seal.
  • A shallower corrugated wave to diminish the adherence of product inside.
  • Galvanized reinforced exteriors, regardless of thickness, that provide excellent anti-corrosion qualities.
  • Hot galvanized end support structure.
  • Our method for calculating thickness is more demanding than that established by standard EUROCODIGO 1.
  • Stairs and platforms comply with directive UNE-EN ISO 14122.


60º Hopper Silos