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Handling Equipment

Matra LogoMatra is specialized in the development and manufacturing of industrial conveying machinery.

We use the most advanced CAD 3D engineering technologies and take advantage of the experience and know how of Silos Córdoba in the agribusiness industry.

By using leading manufacturing resources, we offer tailor made solutions for a wide range of industries, such as farming, food industry or dry goods, among others.

Quality and safety requirements

Our handling and conveying equipment meets all quality and safety requirements:

  • Made of galvanized material, providing the best protection for different weather conditions.
  • The construction is bolted, flexible and modular.
  • Assured performance.
  • Assured reliability thanks to the simplicity of the mechanics and the component quality.
  • It is noiseless and safe.
  • We only use first class brands in the elements employed.

Our equipments offer the best solution for every need (anti-oil protection, abrasive material, human consumption, ATEX regulation…)

Product lines

  • Agricultural: Conceived for an average use of an annual campaign.
  • Industrial: Designed for continuous processes or intensive use.

We manufacture the accessories and complementary devices required, such us distributors, brackets or transistors.